Moving the body mindfully connects our mind, body and spirit. Movement services at George Wellbeing focus on fostering the body-mind-spirit connection through practicing Qigong and Yin yoga in an intimate, small-group setting. 

No experience is necessary, and all are welcome. Sessions are 45 minutes and cost $22/$16 for Y members.

Attend a group Qigong session

Qigong is a mind-body technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that is movement meditation. “Qi” means breath or air and is the energy of the human being. “Gong” means work or effort and is the commitment you put into any practice or skill that requires time, patience, and repetition. Qigong styles include Five Element and Spring Forest.

Practicing Qigong can help you:

  • Gently stretch and strengthen the body and energy centers
  • Balance physical, emotional and spiritual bodies
  • Build understanding of TCM principles
  • Promote self-healing, prevent disease and increase longevity

Group sessions begin with a set of warm-up stretches to increase circulation and mobility. Through a progression of movement meditations—each movement has specific therapeutic applications—you cultivate elemental energies and deepen spiritual awareness.

Search the schedule for an upcoming group session. No appointment is needed.

Attend a group Yin yoga session

"Yoga" means union and is an Eastern spiritual tradition that began in India. Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind or observing the mind, by moving through physical poses. The style of Yin is a quiet yoga practice that balances the more active (Yang) yoga styles. In Yin yoga, each pose is held for one to five minutes. It’s great for beginners and seasoned yogis alike.

Practicing Yin yoga can help you:

  • Practice meditation techniques
  • Focus on breath work
  • Improve flexibility

Group sessions include the gentle holding of postures that target the connective tissue of the body in order to stimulate release of energy channels and open meridians. Multiple variations are offered to accommodate all stages and abilities. Mats and props are provided for use during class.

Search the schedule for an upcoming group session. No appointment is needed.

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