Kids who participate in Y Sports get to learn, progress and play in a program that promotes teamwork, safety and positive competition.

Become A Volunteer Coach or Assistant


At the Y everybody gets an opportunity to play. As kids learn how to work together and support teammates from all backgrounds and beliefs, they also build character and develop healthy self-confidence.

Family involvement plays an important role in Y Sports as well. We ask parents or guardians to remain on-site for the duration of classes, and to keep up with communications from instructors. Kids learn a lot from this model of discipline and accountability—and thrive with the support of involved, engaged adults.

See the Emma B. Howe Y sports schedule


Age 3 through grade 8

$70 for members and non-members

Kids will meet weekly to develop their skills through a variety of age appropriate skill drills and team-building exercises. The seven-week session kicks off with a focus on skill development and advances to teamwork concepts which may include light scrimmaging and positive competition. Trained YMCA staff leads each class with help from qualified volunteers. At the end of the session, each age level will have acquired specific skill outcomes needed to advance to the next level of skill development. 

Session 5, October 26 - December 20

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Grades 1-8

$105 for members and non-members

Leagues let kids take their skills to the next level and experience positive competition. Age-based offerings vary by session and by sport. Leagues consist of organized practices and team contests with coaches and officials. The first two weeks focus on skill development practice and teamwork, while the remaining weeks introduce scored games and meets along with continued practice. Leagues guarantee a minimum of 7 practices and 6 games throughout the session.

Session 5, October 26 - December 20

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High School Leagues

Leagues give teens a chance to play a team sport at the Y. Available sports vary by location and session. Find locations and available sports.

2020 Session schedules

Session 5: October 26 - December 20

2021 Session schedules

Session 1: January 11 - March 7

Registration opens December 15

Session 2: March 15 - May 9

Registration opens February 16

Session 3: June 7 - August 1

Registration opens May 11

Session 4: September 13 - October 24

Registration opens August 17

Session 5: October 25 - December 19

Registration opens September 28

*session dates and registration openings subject to change.

Communication with parents and guardians

Once you register your child for a sport, all communications from the Y take place over email and on Playerspace.

You’ll receive information about:

  • Schedules
  • Locations for games
  • What to do if there’s bad weather on game day

Accessibility, scholarships and special needs

We believe everyone should have equal access to Y programs and facilities regardless of race, creed, sex, national origin, ability and financial status.

Need help covering class and league fees for your child? Find out if you qualify for our program scholarships.

Y programs accommodate special needs into existing programs to the extent that financial and physical resources permit. Please contact the Emma B. Howe sports director if your child has any special needs or requires any accommodations.

Volunteer coaches and assistants

Serving as a youth coach is one of the greatest investments of time and energy anyone can make. Coaches become some of the most influential voices in a child’s life, and you can help us fill each season with lessons that last a lifetime.

Y volunteer coaches must:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Apply online
  • Complete a background check
  • Complete Y training
  • Commit 2 hours per week for leagues and 1 hour for classes

We also need assistants during classes to help run small groups of kids through preplanned drills and organize teams during scrimmages.

Y volunteer assistants must:

  • Be 14 or older
  • Apply online
  • Complete a background check
  • Commit 1 hour per week

All coaches and assistants must attend the Coaches Meeting.